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Commissioners' Agenda Missing One Item

For the second time, a discussion item concerning the new Smith County jail was left off the County Commissioners' agenda. The item was the Facilities Planning Committee's presentation to the court. It had been left out of Monday's jail meeting and accidentally again at today's meeting. The commissioners court began today by apologizing to the committee.

"I think that has all been cleared up and clarified now. And we have apologized to our committee for those "action", the word "action" being put in the agenda," said Smith County Precinct 4 Commissioner Joann Hampton.

The court plans to put the item on Monday's agenda.

One of the items commissioners discussed today -- plans put together by the Master Plan Resource Committee. The group came up with two options for the new jail:  a "south" option and an "east" option.

Martin Heines, who headed the Master Plan Resource Committee, said the main reason for the jail project not moving forward is planning. "The planning has not been done properly and we need to step back and the commissioner's court are trying to. They need to step back and then go through a planning process, not try to skip any parts of a planning process, but start from the fundamentals and work forward," said Heines. 

He says it would take between four to six months to reconcile the reports, both paid and non-paid, that have been done for tax payers. The court has asked Heines to attend future meetings dealing with the jail.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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