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An East Texas Couple Say They Are Grandparents Thanks To Frozen Embryos

One East Texas couple, who are grandparents, say they would not have their grandchild, if his biological mother's frozen embryos were discarded or used for this kind of research. These frozen embryos, later called snowflake babies, can be adopted by parents who are having fertility problems.

Today, the grandparents of a snowflake baby shared their view about embryonic stem cell research.  

"Everyone one of us starts as an embryo," say Jeannie Jones.

Jeannie and Jack Jones are proud grandparents of a snowflake baby.   Jeannie wears a snowflake pin as a reminder. 

"I have that on most of the time because people will say in a 100 degree weather why are you wearing a snowflake and I get to tell our story," says Jeannie.

For more than 10 years their son, J.J. And his wife tried to have a baby but were unable.  

"They heard about an organization called snowflakes which simply allows embryos to be matched up from couples that had excessive embryos in result from IVF procedures.  They would allow these embryos to be adopted," says Jack Jones Sr.

So they adopted 10 embryos.  

"Only 3 of them survived that thawing out process.  So they implanted 3 and as a result of that one took and trey was born," says Jack.

And at 4 weeks old Trey met the president. Then again yesterday, when President Bush announced his veto... the two were reunited. Trey now at 15 months old.  

Both Jack and Jeannie support President Bush's decision.  

"We, as a lot of people, believe that those embryos they don't represent life they are life," says Jack.

"We cannot tell you how much Trey has added to our lives, he is a miracle born from God," says Jeannie.

A miracle they hope other grandparents and parents will be able to experience.

Jack and Jeannie will be grandparents again. Their daughter-in-law is pregnant for the second time, they say thanks to frozen embryos. Their grandchild is due in January.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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