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East Texas Apartment Residents Without Air Conditioning

Just think about living in these triple digit temperatures without A/C. That's exactly what more than 100 people in Longview have had to do since Sunday night. 

Those living in the Tropicana Apartments on South High Street say the past four days have been unbearable. The apartment says they are working overtime to fix the problem, but the apartment management is not legally obligated to do that. 

"I woke up that morning, it was 95 degrees in here," says Manuel Ellard, a resident of Tropicana Apartments.

"No one was sleeping just tossing and turning.  It was too hot," says Tina Taylor, a resident.

Monday morning Tropicana Apartment residents awoke to blistering heat. That's because the central air conditioning unit broke.

"It's either just deal with the heat, you know in your apartments or get fans. This year everybody had to invest to go get air conditioners," says Tina.

While some did, others are relying on management to fix the unit and, hopefully fast. "We hope we can get it done within the next day or two," says Diana Davis, apartment manager of Tropicana Apartments.  She says she's been working all week to find a repair company.

"When these people call with their quote we're gonad go with either this one or one other one and it's gonad be something decided right now...today," says Diana.

But residents say in the meantime..."Do you think they should supply us with some kind of form to keep the apartments cool at least for the young people and the elderly? I don't know if that should be a law or somebody should do something about that," says Tina.

Environmental Health Manager Kevin Cummings says the city's ordinance does not require apartment complexes to provide air conditioning, but he says if it does become a medical concern, then the city will step in.

"The heat wave is certainly something that we want to be careful with these citizens," says Cummings.

And residents say they certainly hope the A/C is fixed before someone gets hurts and the city does have to step in

"I got a 4 month old and a 2 year old.  The other day it got real hot in here," says Manuel.

Tina says, "We got babies in here, we got older people in here." All just trying to stay cool during the hottest days of summer.

After talking with residents at the Tropicana, KLTV 7 contacted the Hi-way 80 Rescue Mission to get some help. It has donated half a dozen box fans to residents in need.

 Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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