St. Louis School Students Receive Diplomas

They've officially graduated. Today, three students at St. Louis School in Tyler received their diplomas.   St. Louis is a school for special needs students. The first graduate, Jason Johnson has attended the school for 13 years. Another graduate was Steven Pruitt. Teachers call him Beeper because when he was a baby he was monitored by a machine that beeped. The third graduate, Tyrhonda Nelson came to the school at the age of six.

"I'm so proud that she's graduating today, and I just want to thank all the members and the staff of St. Louis for everything that they have done for my daughter," said Donna Nelson, Tyrhonda's mother. "I would just like to tell any parent if you have a special kid with a special need, bring them to St. Louis School."   Tyler ISD says there are day programs and sheltered workshops available in the community for the students after graduation.

Molly Reuter, reporting.