Baltimore Get Ready For Evacuees From Lebanon

An American ship is anchored off the coast of Lebanon and prepared to take some 1200 Americans to Cyprus and away from the fighting. The first planeload of American evacuees from Lebanon has landed at Baltimore-Washington International-Thurgood Marshall Airport. Lodging, money, e-mail access, telephones and medical care are part of the aid being offered. I

n Lebanon, the USS Nashville is ready for more evacuees. Hundreds of people gathered near a beach to board a landing craft that will ferry passengers to the vessel approximately 300 at a time.

An embassy official, speaking through a megaphone, reassured the anxious group that all who had registered to be evacuated would be helped. There are persistent complaints of poor organization.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops have met fierce resistance today from Hezbollah guerrillas. The Israelis crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for a second consecutive day as Jerusalem refused to rule out a full-scale invasion.

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded in two separate clashes in southern Lebanon. Israel's army says two of the soldiers are in serious condition and the third was lightly wounded.