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Murder Trial Juror Tells All

We have inside information on why a convicted murderer walked out of court a free woman. It happened Wednesday when the same jury that found Sharon Daniels guilty of her husband's murder could not agree on how to punish her.

We talked to a member of that jury to find out why a decision could not be reached.  A.M. Hearn says after four hours of deliberation, there were four jurors who wanted probation and eight jurors who wanted prison time for Sharon.

Hearn was one of the eight.  He says he believed she was guilty and wanted her to pay the consequences.

He says alleged abuse of Sharon by her husband, weighed heavily in the final outcome.  "The four that didn't want to give any punishment at all kept hanging it all on a abuse and it was hard to convince them and we even said you know convince us. We've tried to convince you, not you convince us of your action and why you believe the way you do," says Hearn.

The punishment phase has been declared a mistrial. That means the guilty verdict will stand, but the punishment phase will have to be tried again with another jury. The prosecution says the re-trial will not take place for at least a couple months.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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