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Victim's Sister Speaks To KLTV

Jury members were not the only ones disappointed a sentence could not be reached in the murder trial of Sharon Daniels.

The family of David Daniels say they can't believe Sharon walked away without a punishment. The sister of David says she just wants justice. 

Kathy Kennedy was inside the courtroom since day one. She saw it all--from Sharon Daniels crying on the stand to her own mother crying there as well. And then she saw the woman convicted of murdering her brother walk out the same door she did.

"It's an insult when she walked out of that courtroom and they didn't lock her up," says Kathy.

She also says she was relieved when the jury came back with a guilty verdict, but as far as Sharon's punishment "I'd like to see 50 plus," says Kathy.

"She is not getting a slap on the hand for this, she took a life, she robbed him of his life, she took my mother's oldest child."

Kathy says she and David had always been very close ever since they were kids. "He was my brother, I truly loved him, he meant everything to me, he meant a lot to this family."

Despite all the memories, Kathy says the day he was murdered will forever be the hardest to forget. "David's death, we relive it's like it just happened, it ain't like it happened ten months ago, to me it's like just happened," says Kathy.

And she'll have to relive the trial one more time as another jury tries to decide how to punish her brother's murderer. 

Kathy Kennedy says she will be at re-trial everyday.

 Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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