Hot Weather Doesn't Bother Some East Texas Workers

Today is the eighth day in a row East Texas has seen 100 degree or higher temperatures.  Temperatures that are unsafe to be in for long periods of time.   Still, many jobs require people to be outdoors. We met one man braving the heat, hoping to make a few extra dollars selling watermelons.

"The first day I was out here, I lost four pounds, and I was drinking plenty of water and my wife was out here with me, but you're not hungry, it's so hot," said Larry Odom. "You don't feel like you need to eat. I had some chips I munched on. I was drinking, but still it evaporates so fast."   Odom told us he has been out selling watermelons since 8:30 a.m. this morning. He says he tries to say under his umbrella as much as possible.

Not everyone, however, is having to deal with the 100 degree temperatures.   In fact, there is one place right here in East Texas that is 40 degrees below zero.

"It's pretty much the coldest place in town," said Jason Turnage, worker. "It's pretty nice. " Turnage has worked for the Southwest Foods Ice cream Plant, which makes Goldenbrook ice cream for five years.

"I love it," said Turnage. "I mean it's something different. When people ask you what you do and you tell them you work in an ice cream plant they are taken back. It's not your normal job and it is something that takes a little while to get used to." On the production floor it's a comfortable 60 degrees. Where the ice cream goes next to harden is a face numbing 40 below zero.

"If you had no protection on, you would probably freeze to death in about 20 minutes," said Allen Adams, Production Floor Supervisor.

"We've got a freezer jacket," said Turnage. "We got our suits which are, they are insulted pretty thick, pretty good and we have our hats." Turnage says after five years he still gets cold, but on days like today he's glad to work where at an ice cream plant.

Molly Reuter, reporting.