District Attorney Matt Bingham Talks Us Through Dash Cam Video

You may have seen the dash cam video from Trooper Steven Stone being shot at by Ramon Ramos and Francisco Saucedo. But today, Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham watches the video with us and shows us some things we may have missed.

"The video is extremely hard to watch because he does nothing wrong but he illustrates those guys are out there putting their life on the lines," says Bingham.

We begin as Trooper Stone gets out of his car...

"He is going to touch the rear of the vehicle near the brake light and we recovered that print," says Bingham.

That print is in case the vehicle gets away. Once Ramos is out of the truck.. Bingham says Ramos is sorting through his papers trying to buy time.  And when Trooper Stone discovers something in his jacket.

"Look at how he is covering up that side right there. The side with the gun on it he keep his arm in so that coat part doesn't fly open.  Trooper Stone is doing a great job of controlling the situation at this point," says Bingham.

Then, Trooper Stone begins putting hand cuffs on Ramos.

"The cuffs clink and watch how fast the door opens.  When the passenger (Francisco Saucedo)comes out and lifts his jacket up you see skin so we know that he does not yet have the (bullet proof) vest on," says Bingham.

Unlike when he was caught.

"Unfortunately Trooper Stone cannot communicate with Tyler PD or DSO the mic on him is not transmitting to dispatch he has to make his way up to the car," says Bingham.

He says after Trooper Stone called for help.  An officer was there in less than 2 minutes. Bingham says this video is evidence of how dangerous their job can be.

"When you are in a job where a piece of your clothing you wear everyday has your blood type on it it give you an idea of how dangerous this job really is," says Bingham.

He says both Trooper Stone and the other law enforcement officers are heroes for the way they responded that night.

Ramos pleaded guilty, yesterday, to 14 charges of aggravated assault on a public servant and Saucedo is expected to go to trial in August.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com