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"Does It Work?"-4/3/06

Twist Chopper: "Does It Work?"

No one likes to chop onions.   Sensitive eyes, the odor on your hands. There's very little that's good about it.   That's why someone came up with the Twist Chopper.  But it's supposed to be able to do a lot more than chop your onions.   And tonight we put this "As seen on TV" favorite to the "Does It Work?" test.

With the Twist Chopper, you "just twist and serve" right out of the bowl.   Onions, herbs, tomatoes, "it chops with just a flick of the wrist." We'll see.

The front of the package shows you can make salsa right in the bowl.  Salsa making should help us test the product's ability to chop several different kinds of vegetables.

The secret behind the Twist Chopper is a set of four gears encased in the lid. Turn the lid, you turn the gears, which turns the removable blades that protrude down into the bowl.

We cut up tomatoes, chilies, jalepenos, a habenjero, onions, and garlic to a manageable size.  We toss in some black olives and add some vinegar and oil.

It took about 15 minutes of twisting, but when we were done, we had some great salsa of a great consistency.

If you're single, or maybe there's just two of you and you really don't need a food processor, this might just be a nice addition to your kitchen. Get a hankering for fresh salsa on your next camping trip? This is perfect.  "Does It Work?"  We give the twist chopper a "yes."

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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