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Trooper Stone Watches Dash-Cam Video

Inside the courtroom, Tuesday, members of Trooper Stone's family saw the dash-cam video for the first time.  Trooper Stone was on the stand while the tape was being played, re-living the experience.  

The video shows Trooper Stone pulling over the truck and then walking up to it. 

"How are you doing sir?" says Trooper Stone on the tape.

"Alright sir did I do something wrong?" says Ramos.

"You are little bit over on your speed," says Trooper Stone.

During the traffic stop, that March night; Trooper Stone ask Ramos to step out of the car. Then Trooper Stone sees a bottle of alcohol.  Moments later he asks about weapons.

"You don't have any weapons on you do you?" says Trooper Stone.

"No," says Ramos.

"Pocket knives, guns or anything like that?" says Trooper Stone.

"Yes, a pocket knife," says Ramos.

"Put it on the bumper for me," says Trooper Stone.

And then finds something else... 

"What is in there?" says Trooper Stone.

"Some weed," says Ramos.

"What?" says Trooper Stone.

"Weed," says Ramos.

A few minutes later, when Trooper Stone was trying to put handcuffs on Ramos, the shots began.

From the stand today, Trooper Stone recalls what he did from that point.

"After the first shot my vision went black I could hear the shots being fired but I couldn't see anything I didn't know that I had even fallen.  I know after I did get my vision back the suspects were still firing down at me.  A lot of things were going through my mind.  The one thing that I could think of was one I wanted them to stop shooting and to me in my mind every round they were firing was hitting me and that I was going to die," says Trooper Stone.

After taking between 4 and 6 shots to his body. Trooper Stone had to crawl back to his car to call for help.

A Smith County deputy came and transported Trooper Stone to the hospital. While other officers went after the suspects. Once at the hospital, Trooper Stone had a request for the surgeons.

"I asked the surgeons when I could go to sleep because I knew when I went to sleep the pain would stop.  Right before they put me to sleep I remember telling them.. I remember telling them, that I wanted to live to see my little girl again," says Trooper Stone.

Today after the sentence was handed down. Trooper Stone got a chance to address the man who shot him.

"Mr. Ramos I have thought a lot about what I want to say to you.  I think I can come down to this, I can pretty much forgive you for what you did to me.  But the people you put in danger... What you set out to do that day what you intentions were I don't know.  But let me tell you what you did do. One, you have strengthen my conviction of who I am and what I do. You made a hero out of one Tyler citizen, you made a hero out of a group of Tyler PD officers and Smith County Sheriff deputies and most of all you put a bunch of people in danger for nothing," says Trooper Stone.

He says he believes justice prevailed today.

Five other law enforcement officers testified, today, about what happened after Trooper Stone was shot.  Two other dash-cam videos were shown. The video shows the pursuit of Ramos and Saucedo.  Several officers cars where left with bullet holes. One bullet went through the windshield of the car and ended in the headrest of a car. We also, for the first time today, saw pictures of the guns, collected from the truck by law enforcement officers.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. 

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