Ramos Faces Life In Prison

The jury had already been selected and the trial scheduled to begin Tuesday against the man accused of shooting a DPS trooper in Smith County. But before the trial began, 38 year old Ramon Ramos pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on a public servant.  Ramos and his alleged accomplice, Francisco Saucedo, are accused of shooting Trooper Steven Stone in March.

Today, Judge Cynthia Kent heard the evidence to begin the punishment stage. And in the end, Ramos was pleaded guilty to 14 charges of aggravated assault on a public servant.  He will serve multiple life sentences.

"I think it's a great outcome he got the maximum on 14 cases he got 14 life sentences.  He is never going to get out of the prison alive," says Matt Bingham, District Attorney in Smith County.

"Not good for his family or for his kid. His family is very young and they are going to grow up without him," says Mario Ramos, Ramon Ramos' brother.

Ramos' brother, Mario Ramos also got into some trouble today.  He was arrested in the courtroom accused of lying in his testimony.  He faces an aggravated perjury charge.  Smith County's DA says he believes Ramos' brother also could face other charges. He believes Mario helped Ramon by hiding weapons.

The other suspect in the case, Francisco Saucedo is expect to go to trial in August.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@klt.com