Hung Jury In Murder Trial Sentencing

A Rusk County woman, found guilty of murder, freely walked out of court Tuesday.

Jurors were unable to make an unanmimous decision in the sentencing of Sharon Daniels. Daniels was convicted Friday of shooting her husband, David Daniels, last September.

After four hours of deliberation, the jury told the judge they could not make a decision.

The trial has been declared a mistrial and the punishment phase will be tried again with a new jury.

Rusk County District Attorney, Michael Jimmerson, said, "All that's happened is justice has been delayed. It hasn't been cheated, it's just been delayed."

"I've had a saying for a long time...any day I go to court with a client and that client walks out with me I've had a good day and she has too," said Darryll Bennett, the defense attorney.

And Sharon Daniels said, "I'm just happy to be able to walk out with my family."

Tracy Watler/Reporting: