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Tyler Couple Rejoicing; Friends In Lebanon Okay

  They just received word their friends stranded in Lebanon will be boarding the first fleet to the United States. Charlynne and Joel Nichols say they were glued to the television after learning their three friends were there.
  The El Adaoui family had been saving money for years to visit relatives in Lebanon. Then suddenly the attacks began. "[The family's] mother was quite upset whenever we talked. And she was glad to know that people were praying," says Charlynne. 
  Her husband Joel adds, "You see it on the news and the reality doesn't hit. It takes somebody there to make it personal and bring the reality of it." To get out of harm's way, the family fled to higher ground in the mountains. They are now at the U.S. embassy waiting to board.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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