East Texas Four-Legged Athlete Set To Showcase Her Skills

You can say, Lucille is running for her life. The Border Collie was within hours of being euthanized as a stray dog, when Bill McFarlin of Flint rescued her.

"I have some friends with Border Collie Rescue [in South Louisiana] that had told me about this over the top, crazy, wild, Border Collie," recalls McFarlin, "and I said well, let me try to train her a little bit.  I went and got her, she had little or no hair. She had no social skills, she bit me a couple of times."

But he saw something special in her; a spark that he hadn't seen in other dogs.  And, the work they put in together in Bill's backyard started to pay off. Last year, with about six months of experience under her belt, Lucille finished third at a regional dog agility event in Fort Worth.

"Which is kind of like going to the World Series and winning as a minor league team," McFarlin explained.  "We just kind of scared everybody."

And, she has only gotten better. She'll find out how much better this weekend as part of the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows.

"We're probably going to run against some of the top dogs in the world," McFarlin said.  "I believe my confirmation papers said there were 190 in her jump length. These are some of the best dogs in the AKC.  If we can compete, get in the top 10, we might have a shot at going someplace else, maybe to the nationals this next January."

And to think, all of this success, from a stray dog nobody wanted.

"She wants to do it," McFarlin said.  "She wants to do everything. She wants to please. She wants to get it done real fast and she just really loves it."

Kevin Berns reporting.