Fuel Price Impact Due To The Mid-East

The impact from Mid-East is already impacting Americans at the gas pumps.  AAA Texas is reporting the statewide average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline is just cents away from the 3 dollar mark.  Prices are now changing in just a matter of minutes.

"Every time you look and go to the gas station the price goes up 5 to 10 cents more," says Todd Cooley, Lindale resident.

As the price for a gallon of gas rises. East Texans say they are looking for a better deal.

"We have been staying at $2.75, $2.85 and $2.95 and it's been like that for the past 2 weeks," says Lesia Sowell, Casher at Chevron gas station.

Which is keeping this station very busy.   Many we talked to say the Mid-East tensions are making a bad situation at the pump even worse.

"I think we have put ourselves in an awkward position because of congress not opening up some drilling areas when we know we have a lot of reserves and I think we are putting ourselves at risk by not doing that," says Jim Levile, Texas resident.

"Something needs to be done to reduce the prices of gas.  We could use the oil we have over here in the United States instead of buying the imported oil all the time," says Cooley.

Chuck Upchurch is on vacation and says fuel has been the most expensive part of the trip. He says he hopes the US will become more independent and look at other fuel resources.

"Bio diesel and ethanol. I'm from a farming region and if we can do it efficiently out of corn or byproducts that you make bio diesel with that is the future and not have our future in the hands of the middle east," says Chuck Upchurch of Mississippi resident.

The Chevron station at I-20 and Highway 69 is one of the cheapest but we have been here less than an hour and the prices are rising 4 cents a gallon.  Getting a gallon of gas closer to the dreaded 3 dollars a gallon.

Most of the people we spoke with say to make up for the high fuel prices, they are not going out to eat as much and taking vacations closer to home.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com