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Water Wasting Away In Longview

Hot summer days and lack of rain have put several counties around East Texas under a severe drought.

Just this afternoon, Lake Cherokee, one of Longview's three major water suppliers, announces it is initiating a voluntary water conservation plan.  And that means some residents and businesses may need to make some changes.

Gushers, puddles and trails of water all going down the drain.  Longview Public Works Director Keith Bonds says while the city does not have a water shortage right now, "we surely hate to see people waste water unnecessarily."

In the early morning, at the Capitol One Bank on Loop 281, there's a fountain of water creating a small lake in the parking lot. Today, we decided to ask them why so we waited half an hour at to talk to them about their gusher of wasted water, but after phone calls were made, the bank declined to speak to us.

At the Longview OB-GYN Association, we found water overflowing, running nearly 50 yards down the street.  They too declined to talk to us.

"If you have water running off your lawn, into the street, down the street, you're obviously watering too much and we hate to see that," says Bonds.

But there are things you can do to keep your water and money from going down the drain. "If everyone will help out, kind of make sure they don't waste, like I said monitoring your irrigation system at home, we should make it through the summer just fine," says Bonds.

And if there is a major concern like a broken sprinkler head spewing out of the ground, the city says it will contact the owner so they are aware of the water that's just washing away.

The City of Longview is asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water use by 5 percent. That means each person is being asked to cut back an average of about 8 gallons a day.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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