East Texas Woman Charged With First-Degree Murder.

Guilty. That's what jurors have passed down for an East Texas woman charged with first-degree murder.

After nine hours of deliberation yesterday, jurors found Sharon Daniels guilty for the September shooting of her Pastor husband David Daniels.

While in deliberation, the jury asked to hear sharon's 911 call again, and the transcript of her testimony.

As the verdict was read, family members of David Daniels began to cry while sharon stared straight ahead.

Observers in the courtroom say this has been a lose-lose situation for the families and friends. "i'm praying for both sides of the family and hope something good will come out of it. I wish sharon the best of luck. I see no winners in this case," said don centers, who was there when the verdict was read.

Sharon Daniels remains out on bond. The sentencing phase of the trial begins Tuesday.

Tracy Watler reporting. twatler@kltv.com