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Quintuplet Family Gets New Home

     An east Texas family with quintuplets gets a big boost from their community. Craig and Darcy Bryant of Hallsville were blessed with the birth of 5 babies back in September 2004.     Raising children is 5 times as expensive for this family, so you can imagine how Darcy and Craig Bryant struggle caring for all of their children.

   At 21 months, Caleb, Austin, Mackenzie, Kaitlyn and Peyton are all happy and healthy, but the bryants are quickly outgrowing their home. Today, Hallsville civic leaders and community members broke ground on their new 4 bedroom home.

    "Hallsville is a very family oriented community, we just saw that they needed the help so the bank and the USDA and the community the city , everybody just pitched in and worked together to get them their dreams" said Kim Hicks of Hallsville first state bank.  

       The lot was donated by perry hall homes, and the bryants will have cost breaks through a special loan from the USDA. 90-thousand dollars in donations were made from businesses and individuals, people who care deeply about the Bryants.

     "It's just a blessing we're so excited and we can't wait for them to get started so we can move in , it's twice as big as what we're in now" Darcy says.

     "Just the community with, from the bank to the school district to everybody they've been really generous and really helpful" says Craig.

    With 5, also comes a lot of laundry, something Darcy wanted to address in a new home.

    "The laundry is non-stop its just non-stop so I'll have a bigger laundry room" Darcy says.

     The Bryants home, which will cost around 180-thousand dollars. It's expected to be finished and ready to move into by late fall.

Reported by: Bob Hallmark, bhallmark@kltv.com

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