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"Does It Work?"-7/11/06

Dryer Max: "Does It Work?"

It's unfortunate, but in the news business, you see a lot of people lose everything in house fires.  One of the common causes are clothes dryers.  This week's "Does It Work?" product attempts to tackle that problem.  It's called the Dryer Max Dryer Lint Removal Kit.  It's a set of tools, with one of the stated purposes being reducing the risk of dryer vent fires.  That's an admirable goal.  And we're putting it to the "Does It Work?" test.

Besides the fire safety claim, the Dryer Max is supposed to cut your drying time, increase performance and prolong dryer life.  You get a vacuum hose attachment, a ten foot long dryer vent duct brush and a three foot lint trap brush.  The instructions explain how to use all of the tools.

We "borrowed" someone's dryer...a dryer furnished by her apartment complex.  We expected it to be full of dust and lint, and it was.  Just glancing in the dryer vent trap, you can see there's a lot of lint and dust buildup.  Looks like a job for the lint trap vent brush.  At first glance, we thought a three foot brush was overkill, but the vent took in every bit of it.  We pushed and pulled several times and pulled out a good bit of muck until we pulled out a clean brush.  So far, so good.

Next we used the round vent duct brush.  We cleaned out the duct connection attached at the back of the dryer, the duct connection at the wall and the tube itself.   The brush was just the right size to allow us to give the inside walls of the parts a good cleaning without offering too much resistance.

Later, we connected the vacuum attachment to a vacuum and stuffed the flat tube down the dryer's lint trap.  It managed to suck up some lint the first brush missed.  We were impressed!

In the end, we had a big pile of dust and lint.  The dryer can't help but perform better, and the we believe the fire danger has been reduced. 

"Does It Work?"  We give the Dryer Max a "yes."

We paid $19.99 for the Dryer Max at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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