Sergeant Casey Jones Dies In Car Wreck

A family gets less than two full days with their soldier home from Iraq before he dies in car wreck.

22 year old Sergeant Casey Wayne Jones of Troup had been on American soil for less than 48 hours. He died in a car wreck early Sunday morning south of Troup.

"He had been in Iraq for 7 months and this was his second time to go," says Krystle Jones, Casey's wife.

Sergeant Casey Jones returned to East Texas Friday morning. This is a picture his family took at the airport. Casey and his wife Krystle have a 14 month old baby named Colton. She says they had planned to spend his two weeks back home together, as a family.

"Go to the zoo for the first time with Colton and do a lot of the first time things for him so that Casey would be there for it," says Krystle Jones, Casey's wife.

However, those plans quickly faded early Sunday morning when Casey didn't make it home Krystle went looking for him.

"I found him, me and two of his friends found him," says Krystle.

DPS troopers say Jones' vehicle veered off the road... he overcorrected and his vehicle flipped several times. Krystle called Casey's mother to come to the scene. They both stayed with him until the paramedics arrived.

Casey's former teacher, Karen Agnew says she was in disbelief when she heard about the wreck.

"If your child makes it through Iraq you don't worry as much about them as you did when they were in Iraq so you think you have them back because they are on United States soil and then this happens," says Karen Agnew, Casey's former teacher.

For now, Krystle holds on to her husbands military tags... She says one day she will give them to Colton and she'll tell her son about his dad.

"That he loved him and was wanting to teach him everything.  He was there for everybody as much as he could be as a friend and as a husband and as a son.  He was there and he loved everybody and I think he was loved back just as much," says Krystle.

Casey's mother told us he decided to join the military after 911.

Funeral services for Casey will be held on Wednesday 10:00 AM at Taylor's Chapel Church in Tecula. Burial will follow at Pinecrest cemetery in Troup.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.