New Details On Decision To Keep Longview Superintendent

The decision wasn't made until after 11 o'clock last night. For more than an hour and a half, the school board and their attorney met in executive session with Dr. Marable and her attorney. Dozens of parents waited to hear the decision.

When when the open meeting resumed, no one on the board called for her termination to be considered. Because of that, no vote was taken and Marable was not fired.

Some parents, like Reverend Herb Spadey, are happy the superintendent will be staying on. They say firing Marable this close to the start of school would make the district even more unstable. They also say the district's problems are too big for any one person to solve.

"I think that the school board, and the teachers, and the students, and the parents all need to get on one accord," said Spady.

Others, like Amy Kuykendall say that if the district won't change it's leadership, they will move their children to different schools.

"Within two years we will be out of LISD if something is not changed, before my child starts middle school. I don't trust the middle schools here, or the high school for that matter," said Kuykendall.

Board members were very tight-lipped about what happened in the closed session, but they say there is still a possibility Marable could be fired. They say they are waiting to hear from the school district's attorney to decide how to move forward.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: