Teen Gets 45 Years For Dismembering Classmate, Former East Texas Girl

A teenager accused of helping his ex-girlfriend kill and dismember a 16-year-old classmate last year was sentenced Monday to 45 years in prison.

Cory Gregory, 18, had pleaded guilty in April to murder and concealment of a homicide in the death of Adrianne Reynolds.

"All I really want to do is apologize. It's all I really can do," Gregory said. "If I could give my life to bring her back, I would."

Prosecutors agreed to the plea deal after consulting with Reynolds' family, who held vigil through a long trial and retrial in which Gregory's former girlfriend was convicted of murder.

Rock Island County State's Attorney Jeff Terronez has said Gregory led authorities to remains that might never have been found and agreed to meet with Reynolds' family and explain his role in the slaying.

Prosecutors say Gregory and Sarah Kolb, 18, killed Reynolds in Kolb's car at a fast-food restaurant on January 21, 2005, then took the body to Kolb's grandparents' farm and burned it.

The pair returned two days later with a third teen and sawed the body into pieces, dumping some remains on the farm and burying the rest in a state park, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Kolb was angry because Reynolds, who had recently moved to the state, was taking her friends and had shown interest in Kolb's boyfriend and Gregory.

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