Children's Advocacy Center Helps Family In Need

Bids For Kids is the biggest annual fundraiser for the Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County. Every year, the money raised helps the center help hundreds of local children who've been sexually abused. 

A Whitehouse woman whose daughter was sexually abused, says she and her family could not have made it through their traumatic experience without the center.

Patricia Kaddig's daughter was sexually abused by a someone she thought she knew, someone who was living in her home.

"While he was here, he decided that he was attracted to my 12 year old.  It happened during the summertime last year, 2005," says Kaddig.

Patricia didn't learn about the abuse until a chilling day last November.

"I didn't know what to do. So, I called CPS and they told me the very first thing I needed to do was contact local law enforcement."

A few days later they went to the Children's Advocacy Center where her daughter would tell investigators what happened to her. It's a day the two dreaded, but Patricia says the center made the whole thing easier.

"You feel comfortable when you go there.  It's not starched.  It's not utilitarian.  It's warm, and it's welcoming," said Patricia.

Patricia says a weekly support group helps her to cope, and regular counseling at the center is helping her daughter as well.

"She can trust her counselor. She trusts her. She likes her. Even when her counselor makes her look at things that she doesn't want to," she said.

Patricia hopes her daughter will someday be able to come to terms with what's happened. She thinks the Children's Advocacy Center can help her do that.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.