Pets Missing In Second Longview Neighborhood

Some Longview residents say they're distressed over the wildlife effect the drought and recent development is having on their neighborhood. It's happening in the Maxey Acres residential area near Tryon Road and Maxey Road.  Homeowners there say a number of cats and dogs have disappeared over the past six months.

Maxey Acres residents, like Debbie Lively, have had pets disappear in the past six months, and many are frightened at what may be lurking in the woods in their quiet Longview neighborhood.

"It's very scary I try to go out with them each time they go out now.  We're all really scared because one lady going on vacation even boarding up her animals because she was scared that something would get them while she was gone," says Lively.

The Jean Street area has recently had the same pet disappearances, again small dogs and cats.

Many feel that the development of former wooded areas here in Longview combined with the drought is making the situation much much worse. Some think clear-cutting of woods at nearby Highway 259, has driven predators such as coyotes and bobcats into their backyards.

"We see them coming up at night and stuff, try to catch them try to get rid of them because the take down small calves and stuff," says Longview resident Sean Lyles.

"It's not really the wildlife's fault.  We're taking up the wildlife's spaces," Lyles said.

Reports of coyotes roaming in the daytime has some worried about leaving their pets alone outside even for a minute. Area ranchers also say they have seen increased coyote activity because of the recent drought. That's because predators come closer to humans seeking water and food.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.