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7/9/06 -Canton

Power of Prayer: Splash Kingdom

"It's so fun to answer the phone now and say, 'Yes, we are open'," says Splash Kingdom owner Marci Blevins.

Almost a year a half worth of prayer, were answered for Marci and husband Johnny Blevins last month.  They are the owners of the just opened water park near Canton called Splash Kingdom.

"We just knew that God wanted us to do something here in this area.  When you're praying about something to do, we had been praying about what God wanted us to do and when that came that was the thing. Then the research started, the major research started," says Marci.

"Splash Kingdom actually came from a little musical, a Christian musical our son was in when he was five or six years old.  But we get the opportunity when people ask us how did you get your name? We can say this kingdom is fun but it won't always be here. But there is a Kingdom that will never pass away. And that is the Kingdom of Christ."

Splash Kingdom has everything you expect in a water park:  Five Slides, wave pool, lazy river and of course lots of water.  But you'll also find something that won't find at most theme parks, its what the Blevins calls a subtle message of faith. Whether a Bible scripture on the wall or Christian music that plays all day long, the Blevins want this park to be a place where they can share their faith as well as a place where families can come and feel safe and rediscover each other.

"But we just wanted a place for people to come and be safe and hear Christian music and see the word of God around.  It's just a great atmosphere," says Marci.

"There is not anyone handing out tracs out here. There is not anyone preaching to anyone out here. We are not even mentioning, going up and talking to people," says Johnny. "But if they have a question, if they can see by a scripture on a wall or ask how we got our name, what are we about, we have 20 seconds to share the gospel and tell what God has done for us. If they want to know more I would love to sit down and visit with them."

"We want families to get closer together," says Marci. "We want them to have fun and learn that they can have fun together as a family. Just kind of re-introduce themselves to each other."

The Blevins have spent their lives working and living in East Texas.  They are amazed out how God put just the right people in their path that would make something like this possible in a small community like Canton. Now that the park has opened, their prayer is to be able to share their faith and love of family in a place that is fun for everyone.

"And if that's what we get to do out here," says Johnny,  "plant seeds and allow families to have a great place that's what we'll do."

Clint Yeatts, Reporting.  cyeatts@kltv.com


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