More Than 60 Families Affected By Daycare Closure

An East Texas daycare makes an unexpected announcement to its workers and customers this morning:  it's shutting its doors for good after today.

"If I would have gotten a two-week's notice, a two-day notice, I would have fared better. A one-day notice is not good enough for me," said Stay-N-Play School worker Donna Nelson.

More than 60 families are now scrambling to find a place and people to take care of their children.  Stay-N-Play School is one of three daycare centers in Lindale, and is located off Highway 69.  Many workers there had their children attend the daycare.

The employees are angry and worried about finding another job, and finding a place for their children.  The employees who work here were told this morning, the owner decided to close the school down today but they were not given a reason.

Staff members have been busy contacting parents all morning regarding the situation, but they were unable to reach some of them. Come Monday morning, they'll find out that the doors to this daycare are closed for good.

"There are 17 employees. Four of us have spouses. Thirteen don't. They are single mothers raising anywhere from three to five kids by themselves," said Karen Guest. "I don't know what the kids are supposed to do, what the parents are supposed to do or what the employees are supposed to do," said April Anderson, whose daughter attends Stay-N-Play.

Tammy Cates says her twin boys were on a waiting list for eight months before getting signed up for daycare. She says the situation is bad, but the timing for her is worse. "I'm about to have surgery on the 25th. It's already pre-paid for and I don't have anywhere to take them," said Cates.

And during this tough situation, both parents and workers vow to get through this together but they are still left with several unanswered questions.

We tried contacting the owner of Stay-N-Play but he did not return our phone calls. The workers told us they plan to care for the children at their homes. They hope someone will come forward to help them open a new daycare.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.