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Family Seeks Justice In Longview Murder

      An Arkansas woman has traveled to Longview, hoping to find answers to her sister's unsolved murder. Last April, Norma Mae Martinez-Cooper's body was found at the intersection of north access and Eastman road. Autopsy reports say Cooper had been beaten to death.    Putting up reward posters in Longview, Linda Wilson is hoping someone, somewhere , can tell her who killed her sister.

     "We obviously want some answers, my sister was murdered in a brutal way and we want to understand why she was stolen from us the way she was" Wilson says.

    Cooper was last seen alive around 11pm April 19th  at the Tex-Ann motel on Marshall Avenue.  3 and a half hours later her badly beaten body was found near the interstate.

     "We're hoping to get these people off the street so that another family doesn't have to suffer the way we do" says Wilson.

     How Norma's body got to north access road is still a mystery to investigators. They tell they've run into a tough time finding anyone who knows how she got there.

    "The longer you go from the date of the crime the harder it gets, people's memories fade" says Sergeant Darren Laird of the Longview Police.

     Linda Wilson's mission to find someone who knows what happened is partially based on what she saw when she viewed her sisters body.

    "This is horrible, I saw my sisters body before the funeral and after the autopsy, and nobody should have to die the way my sister died" says Wilson.

     Cooper's family is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call Longview Police. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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