East Texas Boy Survives Near Drowning

An East Texas boy nearly drowns, while playing in a pool with his classmates. Fortunately, his mother was there and was able to save her son's life. It brings up this point: if something happened to your child, would you know what to do?

It started off as a day just like any other for the Wyvill family. The boys--Justin and Corey--were excited about going to a pool party, but not ten minutes into it, "Justin yelled 'Mom, Corey's at the bottom of the pool!'" said Sharon Wyvill, Corey's mother.

Nine-year-old Corey had slipped into the deep end of the pool and did not come back up.  His brother says that he went from the shallow end of about 4 feet and before he knew it, he was in the deep end of about 9 feet.

Once Corey was pulled out, his mom starting performing CPR, which probably saved his life.

"His body was completely lifeless, his lips were blue," Sharon said.

Corey was flown to Dallas were he stayed in intensive care for 7 days. The doctors prepared his mom for the worst--extensive brain damage.

"It was real horrific to have to see as a mother to watch your child lay there. If it meant that we had to teach him to walk and talk again we would do it, you know, we'd do whatever it took," Sharon said.

But Corey didn't suffer brain damage.  In fact, Corey didn't suffer any damage.  He has completely recovered.

"I can't thank God enough for him still being here," his mom said.

And Corey knows how lucky he is too.  "I lived from almost drowning to death," Corey said.

That's why he says he loves his family and especially his mom "more than anything else in the world."

Sharon says she can't stress enough the importance of pool safety. Here are some tips, so you can keep your child safe. The American Red Cross says learn CPR, always watch your kids, keep a phone by the pool, and put up a net between the shallow and deep ends.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: twatler@kltv.com