Neighbors March Against Drugs In Their Community

A group of East Texans want to end crime in their neighborhood.   Today, members of the Sand Hill community, that's off Old Kilgore Highway about 15 miles east of Tyler, marched and gathered to show unity against drug dealers in their neighborhood.

Organizer Ina Muhammad has lived in the community for almost 40 years. She says things were better after a drug bust 5 years ago, but over the last few years the drugs have made their way back to the community.  Muhammad told us she had even been threatened for organizing the event.

"I am not afraid of them because this is our community and they don't even live here the ones over here really smoking crack. They need to find them another crack house because we are mad and we are not going to take it anymore," says Ina Muhammad, Sand Hill Resident and March Organizer.

"I think it will wake them up and let them know that they are being watched by the community and that they are going to call us when they need us," says Constable John Smith, Precinct 4 in Smith County.

Organizers say they are planning another march next month.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.