Two Serious Injuries So Far, In Spain's Running Of The Bulls

Six injuries, two of them serious, is the toll from today's running-of-the-bulls in Spain.

Bouyed by courage, or maybe a little too much alcohol, hundreds of runners scramble down narrow cobblestone streets, with six three-quarter-ton bulls hot on their heels. They wear traditional white shirts and pants, and red handkerchiefs, taking turns dashing in front of the stirred up animals.

One bull slipped and fell, but got up 30 seconds later after herders prodded him with sticks. Among the injured is an American.

Since 1924, 13 people are known to have died during the runs. The last was a 22-year-old American, gored to death in 1995.

The San Fermin (fehr-MEEN') festival dates back to the late 16th century.

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Posted By 6pm News Producer Kelly Hefelfinger