Animal Cruelty Hearing In Longview

A case of animal neglect in a Longview courtroom today, this one involving more than a dozen rare breed dogs.   Animal control officers removed 13 Sharpei dogs  from a residence at 3901 Pine Tree Road on June 29th.   Health officials say the dogs showed signs of malnutrition, skin diseases, and eye infections, and were living in filthy conditions. 6 adult dogs and 7 puppies were removed.

In court today, the owner, Wesley Windsor, claimed he was adequately caring for the dogs; however, a judge granted a Sharpei rescue group custody of the dogs.

"They had extremely bad skin conditions their eyes were matted together they looked extremely uncomfortable , very bad condition" said animal control officer Jackie Lynch.

"Obviously it's very disturbing anytime a situation like this is brought to our attention, it's a great concern when something like this going on in your community" said environmental health worker Buck Farrar.

Bob Hallmark, reporting: