Pets Missing In Longview Neighborhood

A dozen pets have turned up missing; presumed dead, in a Longview neighborhood.   It's all occurred in the last 3 weeks, in one quiet residential area on Jean drive in South Longview.

"I've lost 2 of my cats in the last week and a half" says resident Donna Toney.

12 pets, cats and dogs, have disappeared or have been found dead in one neighborhood.

"It hurts because you don't know what to do about it, what's doing this how can we find it and stop it, that's the worst part you're afraid of something you just don't know" said homeowner Steve Jeffers, who's had 2 cats turn up missing.

Whether it's stray dogs, wildlife, or even humans, owners are fearful of even letting their pets outside for a few minutes.

"It hurts me when people take the time to raise an animal , people grow fond of their animals and all of the sudden they;re not there anymore, and these animals are just like overnight disappearing" Toney says.

Their pets are not just disappearing, some have been found dead in their front yards, and others much worse. Some have been found torn apart. Animal control officers believe the drought could be playing a part in bringing predators closer to residential area. They say predators are often searching for water and food, and small pets are an easy target.

"It's a possibility of coyotes or if it's a little dog , there are quite a few in this neighborhood, it could be a hawk" says Longview animal control officer Jackie Lynch.

Many residents have taken it hard, because their pets have become part of their family. Animal control officers say they will patrol the area often over the next few weeks to determine who, or what is responsible for the disappearing pets. The officers say it may sound obvious, but the best way to ensure small pets do not become a meal for a wild animal, is to keep them indoors, or stay with them when they are outdoors. They also say, fences are sometimes not enough to keep predators away.

Bob Hallmark reporting.