Hot Tub Safety Tips

Install drain covers.

If you have the flat, old-fashioned drains on your pool, buy special anti-entanglement drain covers. These drain covers are especially good at preventing hair from getting caught in the pool and will greatly reduce the risk of someone drowning in your pool from entrapment.

Install an automatic suction cut-off device on your pool's pump. When the device feels an increase in pressure, which is what happens when a seal comes over the drain (which would happened when a swimmer gets snapped by a drain), it will automatically shut off the pump and release the pressure. Having this device is always a faster way to release pressure than having an adult run over and turn off a pump.

If you're building a new pool, install two drains. This will cut the pressure from each drain in half. Often the suction from a lone drain can be 400 to 500 pounds, which is too strong for an entrapped child.

Practice active supervision. This means if your child is small, always being within arm's length of them in the water. When you are watching children swim, you should not be doing anything else - which no talking on a cell phone or grilling hamburgers or talking to friends.

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide