Yantis Volleyball Player Headed To Hawaii

Around 110 high school juniors from around the country have been invited to attend the 7th annual Tourneysport USA Volleyball Classic in Hawaii, and one of those girls is from right here in East Texas.   To say 16-year-old Jayna Bevill is excited about her upcoming trip to Hawaii to play volleyball is an understatement. When her coach at Yantis high school told her earlier this year she had been chosen to take part in one of the elite volleyball events in the country, she was in a state of shock.

"At first I was like, you're kidding right?" said Bevill.  "I cried like that whole day because I couldn't believe it, because he told me the chances of getting in were real slim."

Some of the top high school volleyball players in the country will spend an intense week in Hawaii, playing about a half a season's worth of games. That's a long way from her back yard in Yantis, where her biggest worry while tossing a ball around with her friend Jennifer, is keeping it out of the horse pasture. This is an opportunity this 16-year-old, never thought she'd have.

"I was never really interested in volleyball," said Bevill, "because I didn't think I was good until last year when I actually learned how to play it right."

And play it right she has, leading her Lady Owls to the playoffs, while earning offensive player of the year honors for district 19-1A. Now she'll represent all of East Texas on the national stage.

"I feel really honored," said Bevill, "and I hope that I can represent my East Texas area well.  In the end, I just hope I can become a better volleyball player for my next season."

Bevill leaves for Hawaii on June 11.

Kevin berns reporting.