Longview Firefighter Joins Marines

An East Texas firefighter has made a new commitment to serve his country by joining the marines. 28 year old David Holly is a 4 year firefighter-EMT at Longview's Station 3, and loves what he does. But he's decided to do more, by joining the U-S marine reserves.

"I believe if you have the ability to respond to things going on in the world , you also have the responsibility to respond to it" says Holly.

He just finished 13 weeks of boot camp, joining the Marine Reserves, and is back at his daily duties. He saw others going into action in Iraq, and felt as compelled to serve in the military as he does his community.

"I like when you get the call we're trained for it, really not an option whether you want to or not, it's what you signed up to do, firefighting and EMS is something I love, and serving my country is something I love," he says.

And he does it as a man who has a lot to lose, married with his first child on the way, he realizes he could be called up and put in harms way. But he's made his decision because he feels the need to give something back.

"I owe my community I live in , I owe my country I live in" says Holly.

He's willing to give so much of himself for one reason.

"To make a difference" says Holly.

Holly leaves after the fourth of July holiday to complete another 7 weeks of advanced training in the Marines, before returning home to his job.

Reported By: Bob Hallmark