Neighborhood Celebrates The 4th

It's a day to celebrate the birth of our U-S-of-A.  And the Heines Drive neighborhood certainly knows how to throw a party.

"We're just having a blast, we're out here for fun," said Jordan McCrary.  "It's a blast, it's a blast, the kids love it," said Heidi Cobern, a parent.

They love it because there's a dunking booth, singing, a giant inflatable waterslide and of course the traditional block parade.

"It's really fun and you get to have time with your neighbors and you get to have love and care with your parents," said Gracie Boudreau.

"One of my friends has the U, and my other friend has S, and I have an A," said Ross Himes, who spelt out "USA" with body paint.

"Just to see the kids have fun, that's the best part," said Brandy Sawyer, a parent and resident of the neighborhood.

While today's celebration was full of activities, most people we spoke with say the Fourth of July is so much more than just the fun and games.

"I was just standing here thinking about this and lot of people don't enjoy the privileges that we have, we're able to come out here, mix and mingle and talk about whatever we want to and there's places that aren't able to do that," said Robert Boudreau.

"This is our independence and this is our heritage, that's what it should mean to all Americans," said Tom Shoemake.

Congressman Louie Gohmert came to lead the block parade and pass out candy to neighbors. "This level of patriotism where people come out like this in their red white and blue and just enjoying the day as the signers of the Declaration hoped and prayed we would," said Gohmert.

And in this neighborhood that's a lesson being passed down to the next generation.

"Our great American country is the greatest country. It's just an awesome place to be," said Jordan.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: