Despite Gas Prices, Travelers Still Hit The Road

Fourth of July travelers are shelling out more money for gas this year than ever before. AAA puts the statewide average for unleaded at $2.80 a gallon, up 70 cents from last year.

But that hasn't stopped the Allen family.  They have been traveling all over Texas for a decade. And they've made coming to Tyler State Park for the Fourth of July a tradition and a trip they plan way in advance.

"We all love Tyler State Park and we've been here quite a bit but we had to make reservations last August to get in this weekend," said Debi Allen.

But besides the peace and quiet of the park, Debi says her family came to Tyler for another reason this year. "It's closer to Dallas so we can enjoy both the park and it's not so bad on the gas, you know, because it's only an hour and a half from Dallas," Debi said.

But rising gas prices haven't been easy on the Allens.  They've had to cut back elsewhere. "It's tough, it's really tough, you know, I mean what can we say? You've got to do it and you've got to pay it but you don't have to like it," Debi said.

"I like collecting Nascar stuff so I had to stop doing that cause of the gas prices," said Bill Allen, Debi's husband.

A small sacrifice for Bill, because he says he will not cut back on spending time with his family. "Gas prices don't mean anything to that. It's three bucks a gallon but we'd still pay it come down here," Bill said.

And the Boyers agree. They just bought their trailer in April. "I remember when it was 90 cents a gallon and now it's 3 dollars a gallon. I mean it makes an impact on your budget," said Wes Boyer.

An impact of about 80 dollars to fill up their gas tank.  But Wes says when it comes to traveling in East Texas with his family, "the quality time is well worth it."

All of the families we spoke with say they will continue to travel despite the rising gas prices. But now to save money, they will take longer trips at one place instead of traveling to many different places.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: