Looking Ahead: Terrence Murphy Planning Future Away From Football

Football fans across the country held their breath along with East Texans last October as Terrence Murphy lay motionless on the field.

In a split second, a helmet to helmet collision ended Terrence's first year in the NFL as quickly as it had begun. He spent weeks recovering from the trauma to his neck.

But this weekend, Terrence was back on an East Texas football field with the McCown's Passing Camp in Jacksonville, giving advice to another generation of athletes.

"It's a blessing," Terrence said. "They are all out here to support us."

His name is no longer on an NFL roster. Seven months after the injury, the Packers released Terrence from the team.

"Green Bay wasn't sure if I was ready, I told them I was, but they weren't sure," he said. "So, we parted ways."

However, Terrence is not spending his time looking back, instead looking forward. He said he has something more important than the game of football in mind.

"I'm actually getting ready to start my Masters (degree) at Texas A&M," he said.

Passing along advice and skills to the kids, Terrence said it reminded him of his young playing days in east Texas. From a Bulldog, to an Aggie, to a Packer, Terrence said he was blessed for the opportunity, and his playing days may not be done.

"If football works out it does," he explained. "I'm still not sure if I want to play yet, but I will take it one day at a time. "