NFL Pro Bowl Star Boldin Says Jacksonville "Like Home"

Detroit Lions quarterback and former Jacksonville Indian Josh McCown described him with one word: intense.

But sometimes it takes a little more to become one of the leagues best. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin is just that.

In East Texas for the first time this weekend, he helped to instruct young receivers at the McCown's Passing Camp. Intense as he may be, Anquan wants to see every kid succeed.

"What I'll tell them is probably do the things that other people aren't willing to do," he said.

With the Cardinals for four season, as a rookie Anquan was named to the Pro Bowl. To get there, he pushed himself hard. For that reason he is pushing kids to do the same.

"If that's getting up early in the morning working out when it's 105 degrees outside, whatever other people won't do, you have to be willing to do it, to separate yourself from others," he said.

Now with the Detroit Lions, Josh McCown was Anquan's teammate in Arizona but most importantly he's his friend. Anquan joined the McCown's camp to repay a favor. Josh participating in Anquan's camp, Anquan doing the same.

"We started our careers together basically," Anquan said, "so I'm going to miss him this year."

It's because of Josh, Anquan made his first trip to East Texas.

"I'm from a small town in Florida, Pahokee. So, it kind of puts me in the mind of home," he said of Jacksonville.

It is that small town background with big dreams that helped Anquan make it in the league. Now, he wants to make sure any athlete, can look at him as an example of the hard work. 14

"Even though I'm still young at it, I think iIve had enough success in the NFL to where I can pass a few things down to them."