Gas Prices This Holiday Weekend Highest Texas Has Ever Seen

Traveling this 4th of July holiday will be the most expensive the state of Texas has ever seen. According to Triple A, more than thee million Texans are expected to travel this weekend, and on average they'll be paying $2.87 at the pump. Here in East Texas many drivers saw a 20 cent increase since last weekend.

"I just put $100 in there without batting an eyebrow," said Dog Olszak.  Olszak is traveling to Gladewater from Denton in his RV, a vehicle he says he doesn't use very often.

"We actually belong to an RV club and we have about 13 people that are heading out on the 5th. They are estimating they are going to spend $6,000 in gas," said Olszak.

Paul Rosenberg is driving his Hummer to Shreveport. In Dallas, he spent $64.00  on a tank of gas. Here in East Texas, he paid $28.00 for just 10 gallons.

"It is part of the game, and I don't have a choice, and I don't think anyone has a choice," said Rosenberg. "They just have to pay it."

So, how do gas prices in East Texas compare to the rest of the state?   According to Triple A, in Corpus Christi, drivers are paying $2.60 at the pump. In San Antonio, the average is $2.70. The average is three cents higher in Beaumont and 10 cents higher in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The most expensive is in the Galveston/Texas City area and Houston where drivers are paying on average $2.90 cents at the pump. Here in East Texas, we are paying somewhere in the middle, $2.75.

"Yeah, it's high, but that's just the way of the world right now and we take it as it comes," said Gerald Goodman, who is traveling to New Orleans.

Gas prices may seem high here, but in California the average is around $3.64 right now.

Molly Reuter, Reporting,