McCowns. NFL Stars Lead Jacksonville Camp

For kids dreaming of the day they will suit up and run onto a pro field, they are role models and to some heroes.

For that very reason, the McCown brothers know the importance of passing on their skills to youngsters.

The brothers annual camp is underway in Jacksonville.

The McCowns have become a standard for East Texas quarterbacks. Josh, the former Arizona Cardinal, newly signed with the Detroit Lions. Randy, who helped lead the Texas Aggies to countless victories and though he's could not be in Jacksonville this weekend Luke McCown, rehabilitating from surgery with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"It's fun to see these kids out here and get to interact with the guys that have made that dream come true," Josh said.

For four summers, more eager young athletes want to know the McCowns secret. 

"Honestly, we didn't know it would grow this quickly," Josh said. "We're excited. Here we are in year four and we've almost doubled every year."

However, the McCowns weren't the only game in town. A new addition to their camp, receivers. Josh's former Cardinals teammate Anquan Boldin and East Texas native and former Green Bay Packer Terrance Murphy dishing out some advice.

"I've done a couple of things back in my community and Josh has always been willing to help and right now I'm just repaying a favor," Anquan said of his trip to East Texas. "Myself, I love helping out with younger kids and this is just my chance to give back."

It also brings back memories of the days when these pros had the same stars in their eyes.

"My friends and I were just joking with my nephew," Terrance said. "He opened up his bag and had brand new wrist bands and some new shorts, and he put them on,  and I said man I remember those days."

Even though on the field it is about mechanics and the basics, the MccCwns hope it is more about the outcome.

"Hopefully it inspires them to want to make it to that level," Josh said.