Widow Wants Hydrilla Problem Fixed On Local Lake

An East Texas widow is considering legal action to get someone to fix the hydrilla problem on a local lake.  Last sunday, 32 year old Eddy Grimes drowned on Lake Jacksonville. Witnesses say he was struggling with the hydrilla when he went under... But officials have not confirmed hydrilla as the cause of the drowning.

Grimes' widow spoke with us and says she wants people to stay away from the lake until the problem is taken care of.

"Don't go there it is not safe, happened to us it can happen to you," says Jennifer Grimes, drowning victim's wife.

She married Eddy Grimes the day before he drowned. She say she was on her way to pick up her wedding picture when she got the call.

"My cell phone rang and my daughter said 'mamma, Eddy has drown.'" says Jennifer Grimes.

"A little girl's float had floated away from her and he went to get it and he was on his way back.  They said he went under the water to get it." says Jennifer Grimes.

Jacksonville's Fire Marshal say they are unsure if it was hydrilla that caused the drowning, but Jennifer says she knows.

"I believe it was the hydrilla because my husband could swim.  Oh, he could swim he could swim like a fish," says Jennifer Grimes.

Game Warden Chris Green says while closing the lake is not realistic, the city of Jacksonville did hire someone to chemically treat the water for hydrilla.

"It is there to control that vegetation, it really doesn't kill it out where you don't see it again it's going to control the spread and knock it back some," says Chris Green, Game Warden.

However, that is little comfort to Jennifer.

"Just don't go there at all, stay away I don't want somebody else to drown. I don't want someone to lose their loved one like I have," says Jennifer Grimes.

She did says they don't want the money from the city, they just want the hydrilla problem taken care of.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com