Teachers Working Through Summer Vacation

During the school year, Gary Hunter is a band director. That's why he originally got his commercial drivers license.

"I found through the years that it's a lot more convenient if the band directors drive their own trips. That way, you always have a bus available, and it's just a lot less hassle," says Hunter.

Now, he drives a charter bus cross-country during the summertime. He says its the perfect job because he gets paid to do something he loves: Travel.

Roy Atwood teaches drivers education every year. He says he enjoys working with the kids, and the extra money lets him splurge a little.

"It's kind of my fun money that I earn every summer, and pay for my vacations and things like that," says Atwood.

With Texas teacher salaries lower than the national average, many of them truly need the extra income. Karen Knight spends her summers teaching Spanish in summer school.

She says, "I'm a single mother. It's a huge help. It's an absolute must, but, I'm fortunate that this particular must is one that I enjoy."

Whether it's for mad money, or grocery money working through summer means these teachers can afford to be in the classroom come fall.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com