Drowning Victim's Body Recovered

The body of the man who drowned in Lake Palestine has been recovered. Thursday afternoon, the body of 40 year old Charles Williams of Tyler was located off the shores of Lake Palestine near the Lakeway Harbor Subdivision.

Williams was reportedly out on a boat with friends yesterday when he tried to swim to shore. Game wardens believe he simply got tired, and went under before anyone could help. They say they've worked too many drownings this year.

Chris Green with the Smith County Game Wardens office says, "We started a pretty bad trend early on.  We haven't even gone through half the year yet. We're just hoping everybody is going to be safe, we want them to have fun. You know, wear flotation. You wear your life jacket, and you're not going to go under."

They say they will be heavily patrolling lakes this weekend to make sure people are being safe.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com