Eighth DWI Conviction For Longview Man

A criminal case in Longview, Wednesday, had everyone from judges to police shaking their heads wondering how it could happen.  A Longview man who has a long history of "DWI", somehow managed to skirt the law and stay out of prison, but came to justice today.    40 year old "Robin Dewayne Fried" sat quietly as he heard his sentence, 13 years in prison. His 8th conviction for driving drunk, in the last 20 years!

"This was actually his second felony conviction along the way there was other cases that probably should have been prosecuted as felony convictions" said Gregg County Assistant District Attorney and case prosecutor Billy Byrd.

It was at the intersection of High street and Nelson street around 12:30 in the morning on March 25th that Fried was spotted driving erratically in and out of traffic and oncoming traffic and it was only after police stopped him that found the extent of his history of drunk driving.

Fried served five years in prison after his 4th DWI conviction, but was only given misdemeanor charges on later DWI arrests in Marion and Harrison Counties. Though none of his convictions involved any injuries to others, many are upset that he's beat the system so many times.

"He never should have been going to trial on this eigth conviction because he should have been locked up for a significant period of time a long time ago" said Sergeant Shawn Pendleton of the Longview Police Department.

"It's appalling its absolutely appalling, that this could happen and that case could slip through the cracks , this gentleman is just lucky he didn't kill someone,  unbelievable" said Vicki Knox of "mothers against drunk driving".

"This guy just fell through the cracks and got away with it" said Pendleton.

Fried plans to appeal his sentence.

Bob Hallmark Reporting.