COPY-Suspects Nabbed For Cemetery Vandalism

Arrested this morning, 20 year old David Bitter and 21 year old Jeffrey James are now facing felony charges.

The cemetary vandalism infuriated the entire town, and that anger fueled tips police say helped them build their case against the men.

Lieutenant Daniel Somes  with the Lindale Police Department says, "They're appalled by it. They don't understand it. There's no reasoning for it. It's such a desecration, and they feel violated."

It's a strikingly different scene at The Lindale City Cemetary, just over two weeks since vandals struck it. While there are still some headstones that are tipped over, the city says the cemetary is almost 100 percent restored.

Temporary monuments have been put up at some tombstones that have not been fixed, as a reminder of the loved one whose memory fell victim to the vandalism. Melinda Shelton's mother is buried at the Cemetary.

She says it's a relief to know suspects have been identified.

"I don't know why they would do something like that. I'm sure it was just a prank, but it was just terrible. It was just terrible. I'm glad they did get caught."

Police say this investigation is ongoing, as is evidenced by the late afternoon arrest of Justin Hillard Kennedy.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: