Four Arrested For Alleged Credit Union Robbery

An early morning robbery at a Tyler Credit Union ends with four arrests.   The robbery happened around 9:30 a.m. at the Telco Plus Credit Union. That's located on West Front Street in Tyler. Tyler police arrested four men they say robbed the credit union.   They are 32-year-old Tyran Brent Jones, 22-year-old Willie Wells III, 21-year-old Christopher Leroy Renfro and 20-year-old Johnathan Edward Applin. These men have all been charged with one count of aggravated robbery.   Police say several witnesses saw three men entering the credit union wearing black and gray sweatshirts, and blue bandannas over their face. Police say the men left in a white crown victoria with a fourth person waiting in the car. Here is one of the 911 calls to a Tyler dispatcher.

Caller: They all have jackets with hoods on them, and it's at the Telco Plus on Front Street.

Dispatcher: Do you have a vehicle description or anything?

Caller: I'm trying to go back and see. It's a white, um Oldsmobile. There they go. They are in a white, no license plates on, but headed South on Vine Street.

About an hour after the robbery, Tyler police located the white Crown Victoria in front of a home at the corner of Shaw Street and Butler Avenue. That's when police questioned the men inside and took them into custody. After obtaining a search warrant,  officers removed hooded sweatshirts, blue bandannas and a shot gun from the home.  Police say all the money and weapons have been recovered.

Molly Reuter, reporting.