Magen Ellis Crowned Miss Texas USA

It was a night of celebration for one East Texas woman.  Magen Ellis from Whitehouse won the title of Miss Texas USA, on Sunday.  Magen made her way back from Laredo, with her new car.  She visited with us about the night she was crowned.

When it came down to the final 3, Magen Ellis' heart was racing... thinking a crown could be just moments away.

"When it was the top 2 it was a repeat of Miss Houston again because she was my first runner up at Miss Houston, so I was nervous.  I wasn't taking anything for granted until they called my name was the winner," says Magen Ellis, Miss Texas USA.

It's been less than 72 hours since she was crowned and she still cannot believe one of her dreams has come true.

"It hasn't sunk in yet that I'm going to be representing Texas at Miss USA. I've watched it, I tell people it's like watching super bowl for me. When Miss USA is on, don't talk I have to watch it.  And I'm going to be there, I am going to be playing in my super bowl," says Magen.

She showed us some of the prizes she won as Miss Texas USA.  The gift package includes: a diamond ring in the shape of her crown, a necklace, a trophy, a new Ford Mustang and other prizes which total $100,000. However, Magen says she is excited to have the opportunity to represent Texas and to touch people's lives.

"When you walk into hospital rooms and a child has a terminal disease or a chronic disease and their face light ups when you walk in because it is someone other than a doctor it's just a wonderful.  It's the most wonderful feeling in the world so that what I want to do," says Magen.

She says one of the issues she is going to focus on is childhood obesity.

"It's sad because the lack of physical activity is really hurting our children its leading to diabetes, childhood diabetes, heart disease and a lot of other things and it's something that is dear to my heart because I love children," says Magen.

She says this is her opportunity to give back to the state she loves.

Magen has completed her freshman year at the University of Houston. She is majoring in Communication and Spanish, she hopes to get into television broadcasting someday.  Magen will competing in the Miss USA pageant next year.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.