3 Killed By Floods After Rescue In Maryland

Vans sit in flood waters
Vans sit in flood waters

Three young adults died Tuesday night when they were washed out of the bed of a pickup truck, shortly after being rescued from a car stranded in high water, according to a Frederick County fire official.

One passersby rescued the trio from their vehicle after they were stranded in high water shortly before 9 p.m. near Middle Creek, close to the junction of Route 17 and U.S. 40, according to Frederick County Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Michael Dmuchowski.

The three young adults got in the bed of the pickup truck, but the truck subsequently got stuck in high water, he said. They were washed out of the bed of the truck and died, Dmuchowski said.

Though this occurred about a mile from the creek, the water was about three feet deep on Route 17 at the time, Dmuchowski said.

The gender and names of the victims were not immediately available.

Posted by the Associated Press, Copyright 2006.